As businesses and consumers, we all want to be mutually respected. The list provided is given examples on client etiquettes. Please read carefully before booking with me or entering my studio.

Must be 18+

You must be 18+ to receive any service. If you are not, please inform me right away before booking. An adult must sign your Consent & Waiver Form. Failure to do so will make you ineligible to receive service. 

Read Policies

Please read my policies under Policy & General Information. These policies are set in place for you to understand and to agree in all terms & conditions. 

Arriving Early

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early as I may have a client before you. If you do arrive early, text me and patiently sit in the lobby before your scheduled appointment.

Once I am done and preparations are made, I will message you to come up. 

Arriving Late

If you are expecting to arrive late, please let me know right away.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, a $10 late fee will be applied.

Know that you will not receive the full service completely. That amount of time that was delayed will be deducted from your original time slot and you will only receive as much time that was given. 

Be Prepared to Lay Down for an Extensive Period

Know how long your service will take. The information is provided on the automated email when booking.

If need to use the washroom before receiving or throughout the service, please let me know right away.

Also, make sure to prepare the time for yourself. Do not rush the Artist. Otherwise, you will not receive the complete service.

Cell Phone Away

Booking any luxury service should be a "me" time. Please be mindful to turn off your phone or put it on silent to avoid any interruptions and distractions. 

You are free to bring you headset/earphones with you to listen to music/podcasts. But texting, scrolling through your feeds, calling, etc. is a disturbance.

If it's an important call, let me know beforehand. Otherwise, please put your phone away. 

Shoes Away

As this is a home-based private studio, I request that you remove your shoes before entering. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.